Field of Dreams part 1 ( Waverly Preamplifier)

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Sumptuous Corn Field

Those who have seen the Movie Field of Dreams know the journey of pursuing something worthwhile in hope rather than being certain where it will lead. The Field of Dreams is a story about passion to do something with our one precious life even if people think it's crazy.

History recorded what Thomas Edison achieved with the electric light, yet for Edison and his fellow experimenters the toil and endless 'we are not there yet' kept playing 'on and on' in their minds without any clear end.

A recreation of one of Edison's workshops

The answers are your own

Steve Wozniak: co founder Apple shares the value of being a creative and going after new things, 'where the answers are your own not what you find in books'. To explore innovate and find new ways is a noble quest. The inventive spirit can be its own reward, it needs to be begin there not what market value does something have rather what can you bring of your own, and perhaps something may be in a way new.

The Philosopher Bertrand Russell identified and understood many of the factors that have increasingly influenced modern life. One of these is the increasing trend for human capabilities to be institutionalized. Yet history teaches us that an individual who has a quality of energy, personal initiative, independence of mind and imaginative vision is not necessarily impotent and hand tied to an intuitional apparatus. Collaboration can be valuable yet great power can still be taped by an individual who perceives, feels, thinks and lives differently to that of the masses, the herd.

Sonic virtues

Falls Audio bespoke in developing the Waverly Amplifier seek harness the sonic virtues of the glorious Western Electric 205D valve.

Western Electric 205D Tennis Ball Valve

There is wonder involved in gingerly sliding the thick cardboard top from the 1930s box and removing it and pushing aside the horse hair to hold a valve that was made by a Western Electric crafts person so long ago. These are fabled valves they have a 'holly grail' status.

The design of the Waverly 205D amp amp commences with reverence for Western Electric workers and their legacy of quality in service of music.

Vivid timbre

So many years later, we take for granted technological developments that Western Electric workers likely would not even dream about. Yet the 205D this ancient piece of glass metal and wire has an astonishing ability to amplify the human voice and music with vivid and ravishing timbre.

The 205D is an inspiring valve, what it achieves is rather like audio form of Everest. It is thrilling that these wonderful valves exist they may be old yet they can bring the music to life in an rare and such a musical way

In keeping with the Western electric tradition stay tuned for the journey of the development of bespoke audio at its finest: the Waverly preamplifier.

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