Falls audio provides custom design audio equipment for customers to suit their requirements. 

Paul can advise customers on the best parts to be used to suit an indvidual customer's requirements.

This picture shows a stash of parts ready for some new projects for a customer. High quality parts have been selected to provide the best possible audio reproduction.

A close up shot of the parts.

Some parts laid out for a custom LCR phono stage.

Some other parts including transformers and chokes ready for a custom power amplifier.

Parts laid out on the top plate for the patridge amplifier.


A picture showing in better detail the partridge output transformers to be used in the amplifier. High quality power and interstage transformers compliment the line up, as do quality chokes and caps. This will make a heirloome quality amp one which can be enjoyed by multiple generators not a disposable commodity. The customer will get a world class product when this amp is completed.

The following picture shows some monster custom GM70 amplifiers which are under development. Given the iron involved they are mighty heavy to lift.


 A picture providing better detail of the monster GM70 valve used in the amplifiers.

Tungar Picture Theatre projector carbon ark PSU

Finished restoration of the Tungar carbon ark PSU to be used  to power the field coils on some fantastic speakers . A lot of hours of dismantling the rusty and very bent old chassis. I recorded the circuit as I took another part off the chassis. It was a challenge as some of the parts were smashed beyond repair. New chassis was made primed and painted. I sand blasted the Old transformer and the two chokes and all other metal parts being reused . Transformers and other parts were primed and painted in the original colours.