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Welcome to Falls Audio which produces high quality valve equipment that is not crazy expensive. My creed as a craftsman is to appliy hard-won skill knowledge and experience to solve the challenges of audio reproduction in the best ways possible. Falls audio comes from desire to provide hand crafted quality audio products tailored to bring the music alive with all its richness, vibrancy and presence. Falls audio begins and ends with music.

More About Us

I work with valves as they can have a beguiling quality, they can help give you that toe tapping quality when the music being played sounds dam fine. Hi fidelity really works when you’re in the groove; the music is speaking to you, and gives you joy. What matters most how the music moves you. Brand name or all the technical details are never the music. Music is playing in my home every day, it an important part of my life. Being passionate about music means that all Falls audio products are not just designed and tested technically they are the result of listening tests and external testers. The picture here is my own custom open baffle system. I play music from varied sources, CD, LP and tape.


Quality by Design, Quality by Performance 

Falls Audio philosophy is 'quality first'. The audio designs we make are the result of forty plus years of experience with valve products..

Falls Audio products exceed the performance of many other manufacturers including major brands. Falls Audio products are audio treasures that bring the music alive.

Note the quality craft work in the amplifier top plate. 

A completed top plate fitted into a solid timber chassis.

Falls audio products use quality components. A sample of some of the high-quality parts that have been used in audio products  that customers are enjoying includes:




Unlike many products that may look good outside, Falls Audio products are thoughtfully and carefully assembled, there is no clumsy messy wiring hidden away.  The following picture of a Falls Audio line stage speaks for its self:

Falls Audio products are reliable, they don’t chew up valves because they are pushed too hard, or because the product is electrically unstable because the circuit hasn’t been properly tested.

Falls Audio Products made more than 10 years ago are still in service. If you love music you may appreciate what Falls Audio can do for you. If you want a product that will give you an enhanced musical experience then consider Falls Audio.

Sourcing music and equipment

No equipment is useful without first-rate music to play on them. Falls audio recommends beatniks records in Broadbeach Gold Coast. I have been working with Beatnik for more than 2 years they are a dependable business.  Beatnik supply vinyl, CD and audio equipment. #beatniks records

Falls Audio also recommends Discrepancy Records and our new line of interconnect cables can be purchased via Discrepancy Records. 

Hi-Fi Resources 

The killer DAC site doesn't just discuss DACs, it covers music as well as all aspects of audio reproduction. It is a small community and well worth a visit.  Killer DAC

Stereo Net is a comprehensive site dedicated to audio.  Stereo Net


Paul Baker
Designer and Owner

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