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Falls Audio 

Electronics workbench
Amplifier square wave test
girl loving the music

Musical joy is priceless 

Falls audio is devoted to music. 

For Falls Audio the experience of listening to music matters, it  is paramount.


We cater to deserving ears and open hearts by revealing the beauty of music. 


Our focus is to help people get greater enjoyment from their music.  We have assisted many people over the years to experience greater delight in their music collections.

At Falls Audio we love tubes, as they are still best audio amplification devices for the reproduction of music. We specialize in the finest valve based designs.

Our founder Paul Baker has been building valve equipment since his teenage years.


After completing trade studies in audio he decided to investigate the factors that shape the quality reproduction of music and incorporate these learnings into his own designs.  Falls Audio embodies 45 years of experience in the field of high end valve electronics. 

With the passion and tenacity of Thomas Edison, Falls Audio has conducted a vast number of experiments to identify what contributes to good reproduction of music and what does not.  We do this because we love music. Our valve amplifier and preamplifier designs are:


             'made to exacting standards'

Band performing
Measuring a valve amp

Experience vibe of music 

Soldering valve equipment


The Falls Audio workshop is fully equipped with specialist tools and recordings that have been collected over many years.


A collection of test equipment.





Sound recordings such as the JBL Sessions record are essential in the tuning process, as is attending live unamplified musical events to maintain a musical frame of reference.

JBL Sessions LP
Electronic parts
Audio test equipment

Falls Audio Team


Paul Baker

Founder & Designer 

Down to earth master of ceremonies , brings everything together to make it happen. 


Macki  Baker


Its not work when its done with a smile.  There is always room for a people person.


Paul James


Known as Mr hypothesis. Seeks  to discover how it can be so,  the imagined made real.