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Participate in the music 

People listening to music

Music played on a Bespoke audio design is an Event. 

Music in Pure Form 


The art of the designer's ear

When we enjoy music we are a participant.
We tap a foot, we hum along, we nod our head, we are reached inside.   We want to listen to more and more.

Bespoke Audio Design

The art of  music 

Music in Pure Form 

The art of the designer's ear

Girl carefully listening.


'You need to be as good with your ears 
 as you are with your hands' 

Audio perfection, a rich and natural timbre with vibrant musical flow, requires precise tuning. Achieving optimal reproduction of music requires imagination, careful listening, and meticulous application of expert knowledge. 


Falls Audio Bespoke preamplifiers and amplifiers using the best available materials are meticulously fashioned,  and tuned with music.

The art of the designer's ear

Music in Pure Form 

The art of the designer's ear

Bespoke audio the music sounds beautiful 

Passion by Design

'Falls Audio Bespoke tube preamplifiers and amplifiers are in the service of the musicians craft. To be touched by musicians' soul that is a priceless gem. 

Be Infused with beautiful music 

Relish every note

Experience one of a kind intimacy


Music washes away from the soul the dust of every-day life. 


Feel the performance '  

Music in Pure Form 


Music is ubiquitous now, practically instant and everywhere. Combined with poor audio reproduction and shallow listening, music looses its immersive power.

With bespoke audio it is possible to regain ‘sacred listening’ where we are more present in the experience. Sacred listening provides a pause to give the music space to be savored and touch us.

' Sacred listening '  

Singing with a smile

' Emotions conveyed '  

Music is not mere noise, music imparts feelings. The gold standard of fine audio reproduction is emotional conveyance.   

Singing Connections

Release joy '  

Have you ever been 'down in the dumps' and then gone to listen to some live music and felt 'ten foot tall'.


Musical joy is a natural high. You deserve audio reproduction that brings you joy. With Falls audio bespoke valve amplifiers and preamplifiers you will be so glad you invested in quality audio, 

Enjoy your analog recordings 

Enjoy Vinyl with Valves 

Bespoke valve amps and preamps are the magical way to enjoy analog recordings.  Analogue recordings and valve amps are a marvelous combination. They have perfect audio synergy.  There is a good reason why valve amps and preamps are back in vogue.


' Be enchanted by analog music'

Please call before visiting. 

Falls Audio strictly devotes Monday and Friday to research and development. Please contact us outside this time. Thank you for understanding our need to have a dedicated research and development time. 


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